Author Options showing on other people's threads

When visiting other people's threads in the forums, the author options box is showing on the right hand side.

Bug is repeatable on Firefox 3.0.10 Windows XP

Screenshot taken on but the bug seems to be repeatable on all forum topics.

Picture of Author Options showing on other people's threads
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Labot20018 years ago
I've noticed this too.

Do me a favor and see if you can successfully edit and/or delete this topic, which I created just for this purpose.
I attempted and got this: ERROR 400: You are not permitted to delete this! So I guess we can see but not touch. :)
Excellent, thanks.
I could edit it, but the changes were forbidden.
Bumpus and I both added image notes to a picture in a different thread.
I have as well :P
ERROR 401: Not authorized to edit object TBHHHBZFVRRH2XH L
whatsisface (author)  jessyratfink8 years ago
I get the same thing too.
Fake pro!
Anyone else is welcome to do this, should whatsisface not be available.