Auto-chambering Repeater Concept

I just got this idea a couple days ago talking to Jammy. Here's a crash course physics lesson:
When a larger object (a pin in this case) hits a smaller object (ammo in this case), only enough energy to make the ammo fly faster is transferred. This is because it takes less energy to make something of less mass move at the same speed as something with more mass. So as soon as enough energy is lost in the pin and gained in the ammo, they fall out of contact and the rest of the energy in the pin is wasted.
You can't really make pins any more efficient than they already are, so I figured I'd try utilizing the otherwise wasted energy. I figured one of the ways you could do this is by making a gun that automatically chambers a round after being fired. It'd be like a bolt action weapon except instead of manually operating a bolt handle, the extra energy would load the the round for you. The result is less effort and more efficient pin use. People may think this is less reliable than manually operating the bolt bin, but I beg to differ. This, in theory, would provide a more consistent chambering action. As long as it's fine tuned, the rounds should load exactly the same each shot. Also, you wouldn't be able to screw up chambering an extra round. You can pull the bolt handle back on a cocked bolt action weapon and easily jam the mechanism. With my concept, you can only chamber a round after the currently chambered one is fired (unless you purposely fiddle with the back of the gun) because the bolt pin relies on the firing pin to operate.

I have the front of this gun finished, but I still need to design the bolt pin assembly and the back of the gun to hold it so that I can actually fire this thing, but I'm confident it'll work out very well once I do. Here's a video to demonstrate the concept.

I'm hoping that once this gun is finished, it'll be a viable war weapon, seeing how I don't have anything better than my Oodassault at the moment. Or at least if I can't finish mine, someone else can use the concept.

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TheRacker4 years ago
I don't see how this can get a faster fire rate than something like a ZKAR, because you have to grab the pin, pull it back, let it go, pull the trigger, and then grab it again and repeat. With a dedicated handle, you always have your hand in the right position. I can fire ~2 shots/sec with a normal bolt action gun, but with something like a TR it's much slower. So while this is a cool concept, I don't see it actually improving anything.
TheDunkis (author)  TheRacker4 years ago
But keeping your hand on a bolt handle is just begging for poor accuracy. Not only do you not have your hands placed for properly steadying the gun, but you're going to almost always take it off target while pulling the handle back. If you want a gun with a high RoF, a pump would be a little better. And, with training, you should in theory get a better RoF if you just got used to grabbing the pin and letting go as soon as it locks because then you're not wasting a motion setting the bolt handle back. Anywho, the other benefits of this concept still stand. If someone really wanted to waste the sections of pin adding a charging handle, it'd still be more reliable than a manual cambering weapon.
>implying that aiming a knex gun vs just pointing and shooting actually gives you an advantage.

I can do 2 shots/second with my ZKAR, and it is so light I can hold it at arms length and have it be still. I can't do anywhere close to that with a normal pin gun.
JonnyBGood4 years ago
Love this concept.
I'm starting this tomorrow! Credit to you of course.
Yeah, the concept is pretty great.
I believe it has great potential once it's perfected. From a user's view point, it is essentially just a regular mag fed gun that gets the range of a manual chambering weapon but you don't have to operate a bolt.
Well if you do try it, it's a painfully hard concept.
I can see that! XD
TheDunkis (author) 4 years ago
I'm reviving this thread to mention that I just came up with an idea to maybe make this concept work out better. It'd also allow a normal lengthed bullpup. If the pin went over the magazine a little so that the pin itself actually hit the exposed ammo, it'd "shoot" it into a separate chamber. This chamber would be like a mini lever action actuated by the trigger. When the trigger blocks the pin, it also raises the chamber to load a round. When the round is fired, it resets the chamber to immediately receive the next round. I don't exactly know how this trigger mechanism would work out yet, but the idea is to separate the loading and firing chambers so they never interfere like in my last design.
sounds like a fun concept! Gotta show it off when you can. Maybe at the war in 2 weeks???
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