Auto login problem

Since I linked my instructables account with my facebook account autologin doesn't work. I checked my browser and keychain and the problem isn't there. Can you help me?

rachel6 years ago
Hi, can you give me a little more information about this? When you go to Instructables and ought to be auto-logged-in, are you logged into Facebook already? What happens if you refresh the page? The Facebook login for Instructables basically just links up your Instructables login with your Facebook login, so logging in and out of Facebook does the same for Instructables. If this is not the behavior you want, you should still be able to log into Instructables using your Instructables username and password. If you do so from this page, you can verify that the setting to keep you logged in is checked:

Please let me know if this doesn't solve the problem and I'll look into it further!
odvratno.zgodan (author)  rachel6 years ago
Hi. The thing is when I log in directly to instructables I don't stay loged in. Almost every time I refresh the page I get loged out. Also when I try to log in with facebook nothing hapens. It just refreshes the page. Is there a posibility to unlink my instructables and facebook accounts?
Hi, I have removed your Facebook info from your Instructables account. From what you describe, though, I'd be a little surprised if that was the problem... I assume you have cookies enabled in your browser? Have you tried with a different browser, does the same thing happen?

If you still have trouble staying logged in, please PM with with the following information and I'll do my best to sort it out:
  • browser and OS
  • cookie named 'JSESSIONID'
  • cookie named 'authy'
  • cookie with a name starting with 'fb_' (if you have it)
  • cookie named 'APPSERVER'
Sorry you are having these problems!
Kiteman6 years ago
Moved to bugs.