Automated Single-Picture conversion for Anaglyph (3D glasses) except "Lasso3D"?


I found
Bas-Relief Demo ( )
which is great and allows most things i need in the demo version :-)
It just needs a depth map, which I draw manualy by setting the brush transparency for different layer or drawing closer areas brighter.
Still, I am open to any other program suggestions! :-)

I am currently trying to convert a few photos, just so the people in front look further infront. I know how to do it manualy (cut objects infront, smudge hole, paste a bit further to the right, repeat layer for layer..., then i join the original image and the new one with AnaBuilder / AnnaBuilder / Zanag Z-Anaglyph) but I am looking for a program to convert the pictures, since its just taking long for not-so-creative work.

Exept a bunch of totaly automated 2d-to-3d programs that work only on a limited number of images but are great to test anyway
( Auto3D, Neurosys Anaglyph)
I only found / Lasso3D (By Robert Spoons) where you roughly select the objects infront and the software does the rest.
Its working good, but only for screen-sized resolutions, since no scrolling is possible :-( Thats a downside, since I want to print the images with a higher resolution.

Does anyone know another (freeware?) tool or a simpler method in psp or gimp to convert images? / Lasso3D (By Robert Spoons)

Thanks in advance for any help & ideas!


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MagnusW1 year ago
Goodhart10 years ago
Is this the kind of thing you are looking for ? 3-D Canvas link
schorhr (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
@Goodhart: No, I am not looking for a 3D program, just anaglyph conversion software. Anaglyphs are pictures you have to view with "3D" glasses, the most known type is green/red. I am currently playing a bit in Blender, and there are some tutorials and aproches for anaglyph automation there, too. @NachoMahma Well, if its not your interest, you dont have to ;-) Getting some glasses is fun even if you dont plan to run arround taking two pictures to make own anaglypgs; red/cyan is the most popular combination these days, since it has some benefits compared to red/green and therefore commonly used on wikipedia and Anaglyph websites.

ive got a video post here for you. its unfinished work, but i think i can do it by get a measure of edge density at each pixel, but i havent got all the details right yet.

Goodhart schorhr10 years ago
Ok, now you have sparked a bit of interest in my. I remember my Dad's Stereopticon / StereoScope and how cool it was to look at the "cards" and see the picture in 3-d. I came across an article in describing the methods used for movies. A fascinating way to "trick" the mind into seeing 3-d on a 2-d screen.
schorhr (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
Yes, 3D movies are even more amazing.
When I have the time I will either buy two cheap toy camcorders with flash memory or two identical webcams (since I cant wait to make a 3d stopmotion animation).

Still, I converted about 9 pictures now, a "few by hand" but most with a depthmap and Bas-Relief Demo.
I saw that Anabuilder has a similar feature, but Bas-Relief is easier to handle and runs faster on my slow machine :-)

Anaglyphs are fascinating, but Phantograms take it to the next level (at least the range of applications its usefull for).
Basicly, you photograph an object from a ~45 degree angle, turn it into an phantogram-anaglyph (Anabuilder can do that) and print it out.
If you manage to look at the same angle as it was taken, it seems like the object is acutaly standing on the table where you placed the print.
Goodhart schorhr10 years ago
Of course, if one has the equipment, or the resources to create a similar setup, the upper echelon would be holograms. Animation of a hologram would be way cool.
. Making a hologram is not that hard to do - as long as your expectations of quality aren't very high, especially since decent lasers are readily available, nowadays. The optics require a little bit of skill, but nothing most ppl can't handle. Vibration is usually the problem for DIY holograms - any vibration will degrade the quality dramatically.
. DIY hologram turns up a lot of good stuff. Some of them look VERY easy.
Well, with my budget almost nothing is possible :-) And a holographic movie would be out of the question
MagnusW1 year ago

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