Automatic Led stairs controller (Box not included)

Automatic Led stairs controller asembled $89.00 + $14 shipping for US address

What Is A led stairs controller?
The video shows how it works!


Max. count of seperate LED-Spots: 16 (Users selectable)
The waiting time before switching off user selectable: yes
Delay On user selectable: yes
Delay Off user selectable: yes
Fade speed user selectable: yes
Lighting Sequence Modes user selectable: yes
Max. power consumption per channel: 4W/Channel
Voltage required: 8-12V
Overload secure: yes
Reverse-polarity secure: yes
Sensor-range: 200cm
Work on PIR and Infrated sensors.

Delivery include:
*Controller v1.3
*Two IR-sensors
*LCD Display
*3 loop cable for keyboard and Lcd

The payments are accepted via PayPal (send to admin@ipfgroup.co.uk).

Contact me if you have any questions. Thank's

Picture of Automatic Led stairs controller (Box not included)
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samee143263 months ago

hi can you deliver to india also ?

bjorkollur1 year ago

Hi I sent you mail via your webpage, but I didn't get any response?
Do I have the wrong emailaddress or?

aadnoll1 year ago

Your site seems kinda down hence my response here.

ipf_group (author)  aadnoll1 year ago
Hello. Thanks for your responce. I fix website already. Anyway now i not have controller in stock but soon i start make more. anyway if you need 2 controller i can make it for you personal. Please contact me at email admin@ipfgroup.co.uk
Best regards
aadnoll1 year ago

hi, do you still sell these?

I would be interested in two of them for my two floors.

BramS22 years ago

Hi is it possible to connect led stripes? i think it needs a Watt upgrade is that possible?

ipf_group (author)  BramS22 years ago
Hi. You can connect any 12v leds or led strips. if you led strips more then 4watt per stair you can use powerfull version of controller. please visit my website http://ipfgroup.co.uk/
best regards


Is this still available to order and do you ship to the UK?

Hi. Yes, you can but it on my website , http://ipfgroup.co.uk/
rmwilson3 years ago
I ordered this board and started my project ..

However I wanted to wire RGB LED strips lights rather than individual LEDs for each step, the board will light the steps when it is set to program 3 (manual - ALL stairs on all the time) but seems to be having all kinds of problems - the sensors do not seem to work at all and the program will not light the LED strips (with RGB controllers attached to them) in a consistent order or manner ... some times they all come on some times they don't - some times they come on in sequence but in different colours... some times they don't come on in sequence. I have experimented with the on off timing thinking it might help with varied results but still not able to get it to work as smoothly as I wanted to ..

Maybe its a power supply issue I am not sure...

but the sensors are certainly not working right at all ...

- NOTICE- great product, great guy to do business with very very friendly ... but this does NOT work with LED strip lights attached to RGB strip light controller... ) My set up is 16 stairs with 16 separate 36" LED strip lights (one for each stair) and each led strip light is wired to a RGB controller (that came with them) and each LED RGB controller is wired to a channel on the board +/-
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