Automatic payment but no Pro

I am very frustrated. To the point of telling Instructibles to ....  Well, one more chance. 
On Dec. 20th,  Pro membership automatic payment went through my paypal.  Still received "Pro Membership expiring" emails. And then, Pro membership cancelled.
Three un-answered emails to and over the last month.  Not even a "hey we got your emails and are looking into this".  Nothing.  WTF?  Is there customer support or just mindless robots?

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It is just about time for me to renew my pro membership and I see that there is an auto renew, however my credit card has since changed due to identity theft. What do you suggest the smoothest route for renewal is being that I don't seem to find a place anywhere to change my information myself. After reading some complaints on this page, it does concern me a bit, maybe that is one thing your team could with all due respect, update, or fix under user accounts. I am aware that I have sat on the sidelines thusfar, and have yet to post an instructable, but I do love this very creative place that thinkers and doers can come together. Thank you, Deborah Holland
guyster595 years ago
how the hell do i get in contact with these idiots,they billed my card again and i caneled my account almost a year ago.i am demanding my money be put back on my card.
Please email, our account manager will reply in a few days and correct this for you.

Please email

I've searched through the service email archive and was unable to find any emails from the email attached to your account.

This is something that really should be handled via email, as I need to see your billing information so I can track down this charge and apply it to your account.

If you email the correct account, you should get an immediate auto-response. If you're not getting anything, you're mistyping the email.

I look forward to hearing from you.
mikeasaurus5 years ago
Just mindless robots...

I've forwarded this directly to the person responsible, you can expect a reply in the next few days.