Automatic water overflow tripper

I have a water tank as shown in Image, and a water pump which I need to start and stop manually. The water level is not visible from outside, so I need to check for overflow of water till the time it actually starts overflowing :( any ideas on how the overflow tripper can be made? Thanks

Picture of Automatic water overflow tripper
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Master_0079 years ago
Hi, I have a different approach in this kind of situation. I have the finish proto type product and seems to be working good. I have a 4 inch by 6 inch control system box that would make the fill refill all automatic with low water sensor and overflw protection, backflow prevention and could be interface to a PC together with my homemade software. My set up is quite expensive... I don't know if you gonna like it.
yosotora9 years ago
we have these systems. log on
Goodhart10 years ago
The normal everyday toilet (the loo in Britain LOL) tank has such a mechanism. Note the float and shut off toggle. That could be used to turn off/on anything including a signaling device.
oddie121210 years ago
Possibly an over flow pipe that comes back down to the ground if you want to visually do it. Or some how make it so the overflow pipe turns off the pump.
domi10 years ago
I just found that you idea is what i am doing for my final year project in college. I intend to interface it with the computer so you can get the signal when the tank is full. do you mind to sponsor?
Kiteman10 years ago
Big lump of wood, rope, brick, toggle-switch. Tie the rope to the wood, throw it in the tank, rope hanging over the side. Tie the brick to the rope, hanging over the switch mounted on a vertical surface. As the water level rises, the wood floats up, the brick comes down and switches off the switch. An occasional visual check of the brick's position lets you know when to flick the pump back on. If it's breezy enough that the brick might swing around, use one of those bricks with three holes in. Thread smooth nylon ropes through the two end holes and anchor them taught between the tank and the ground so that they guide the brick past the switch.
gyromild10 years ago
If i got it right, you don't want your tank overflowing,right?

If yes, i would suggest you use a float inside the water tank..tied to a push-on release-off switch..(or use a lever)
Most basic set up would be, depending on the pump (if electrical), the raising water will lift the float and release the switch to OFF (turn pump-house off)...
When the water level drops, the weight of the float will pull (push) the switch back ON..
Wood would work alright as the float..Or some type polymer that can float..

**Use something heavy as the float, and placed far from ripple source (if any), can prevent the switch being turned ON/OFF erratically..

Btw, sorry if got it wrong :)
NachoMahma10 years ago
. Oops. You have manual pump control. Use a pressure gauge, not connected to the pump line, to measure the tank level. . Or put a paddle switch in the overflow line.
NachoMahma10 years ago
. Pressure switch. Either trips when pump head pressure gets high or connect to tank as a level switch. Latter is more accurate.