Can somebody make me an avatar? I would really appreciate that because I don't know how to make a cool one like many members have. If you want I'll subscribe for free if you give me a cool one.

Thanks, Mr. Muggle

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Tunesrlife7 years ago
Not a problem.
Anyone else who wants an icon, I can make them one within the next couple days or so as well.  It's fairly easy.
Tunesrlife7 years ago
Give me a bit more information and I can probably do better.
Also, I can change around the colors if you like.  I just had to assume.
Hope you like :)
Mr. Muggle (author)  Tunesrlife7 years ago
Tunesrlife7 years ago
...this is a means of procrastination of other work
i really need to stop
Mr. Muggle (author)  Tunesrlife7 years ago
thanks a lot, those are really nice, I'm not gonna use them though, sorry but Hiyadudez was a little earlier and I also personally asked another guy to make one, but anyway, you deserved my subscription, so here we go!!
Hiyadudez7 years ago
Hows this? I made it in like 5 mins... :-)

Mr. Muggle (author)  Hiyadudez7 years ago
LOL, THAT's so cool, I wil defenitely use this one for a while!!
Goodhart7 years ago
What do you consider cool ? 

For me, I have avatars ranging from  Frieghtened face, to computer zapping the operator, my own face,  and various others in between
Mr. Muggle (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
just something with my nickname in photoshop or something
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