Avatar - I needz one.

I'm a bit undecided as to the avatar to go with this new name. Sandy was a bit too...cartoony somehow, and as you can see I'm desperate. T-shirts based on the second amendment are funny, but not funny enough to make a permanent avatar. Laird Howe made a lovely one, but it's spring and change is good. Lemonie was so kind as to crop sandy, but she's not quite right... I need help! Make me an avatar? Link me to one? I'm stuck. What will my face on here be? The people decide! Unless there's little interest on the topic (likelihood: likely). Then I decide, arbitrarily and all willy nilly. Can't have that.

Picture of Avatar - I needz one.
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gmjhowe8 years ago
gmjhowe gmjhowe8 years ago
As you can see, my avatar takes on a singular form, which varies, giving me an identity, but also creativity. Infact, im gonna go renew it again.
Lithium Rain (author)  gmjhowe8 years ago
That's a great idea!
Well, i hope that my avatar gives me a uniform presence on the web.
Derin gmjhowe8 years ago
It sure does.The new mac one looks especially nice.
gmjhowe Derin8 years ago
i like
Lithium Rain (author)  gmjhowe8 years ago
These are quite interesting - I wanted to follow up and ask where did you get them?
Both from my collection of over 300 desktop backgrounds. Originating mostly from customize.org, interface lift, and pixel girl presents.
Lithium Rain (author)  gmjhowe8 years ago
Cool, thanks!
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