Avatar Making

Hey guys, if you want a cool new avatar just let me know. I made this one for mad mick after he wanted to get one from oblivitus ~~Mad Mick~~ ~~DJ Radio~~ ~~Darth Gecko Man~~ ~~Jollex~~ Oompa Loompa

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F70NOIKFMEGF7ccccCW copy.jpg
jollex 2.jpg
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I know this topic is really old, but could you make me one??
ajleece (author)  Killer~SafeCracker8 years ago
I'll add you to the list.
Ok, thanks.
~KGB~8 years ago
could you make me something with an ak47, g36c, m4carbine and a p90?
ajleece (author)  ~KGB~8 years ago
Do you want your name on it?
~KGB~ ajleece8 years ago
yep ok
Lowney8 years ago
 Do you use photoshop
ajleece (author)  Lowney8 years ago
Lowney ajleece8 years ago
SAME! Check out the avatars / made by visiting my profile! I also made this from scratch (only used blending effects and basic shapes, apart from the screenshot obv)
Xbox Portable.jpg
cold u make me one with a iPhone beating upp a shuffle?
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