Avert your eyes, it's too beautiful to behold

It being my shiny new Leatherman, thanks Squidlabs, Eric, Canida and those whom thought my project worthy of a vote. BTW notice the problem? I had it engraved with my wife's pseudo user name, now I don't want to give it to her. Also, the pic doesn't do the cool orange color justice.

Picture of Avert your eyes, it's too beautiful to behold
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Brennn1010 years ago
Nice! That is quite the beauty!
ll.1310 years ago
why not give it to your wife, and then go out to buy on for yourself? very nice, anway.
How nice of you to do that...but remember, as far as she knows, it hasn't arrived yet ;)
But as far as she knows, she's married.
Fortunately, 'Ms.' doesn't mean single. It's a compromise between "Miss" and "Mrs." (An abbreviation that has no un-abbreviated expansion) meaning a woman without reference to her marital status.
I never said anything around marital status..I just meant if she doesnt know it's arrived yet, he could enjoy it for a few days before handing it over :D
Yes. My response was to fungus.. :)
ah, gotcha
Aeshir10 years ago