Awesome Discounts for Pro Members

I've got some excellent news!

Pro members can now get great discounts from some of our favorite brands to help give you a head start on your next Instructable!  We've just launched our Partner Discount program with Adafruit, Lion Brand Yarn, MonkeyLectric, Sugru, and Think Geek.

Here's a handy FAQ:

A: If you're already a Pro member, go here.  You can also click the "Pro Member Discounts" button from your You page.  If you're not currently a Pro member, sign up now and follow the instructions above.

Q: Why these companies? I want discounts on something else!
A: We're starting with these five companies because we've worked with them for years, run great contests with them, and know you love their products because we see them in your Instructables.  We're working to expand the program, so drop me a note (PM, email, or comment below) with other companies you'd like to see added to the program.

Q: What kind of discounts are these, anyway?  Can I see the details?
A: The exact amounts vary (10% and up), so you'll receive a nice percentage off your order with any of our partners.  Pro members can see details here.  

Q: What should I buy first?
A: Something for your next Instructable!  We also just published some books - you could use your new Pro discount to buy the books on Think Geek, and get your Christmas list out of the way months in advance.

Q: Where's the catch?
A: There isn't one!  We're not taking a cut of what you buy, running a pyramid scheme, or installing an Instructables Botnet - we just want to hook our favorite people up with great deals for the tools, materials, and toys you need to make more awesome stuff.

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Why didn't I read this before? Thanks for posting!

hunter9991 year ago

Good suggestions! They sound good.

JM19991 year ago

Can the discounts be updated?

tumidaj1 year ago
Really good sugestions
Kiteman1 year ago
How about...

American Science & Surplus?
A laser cutter manufacturer?
A 3d printer manufacturer?
Maker Shed?
The instructables store??
The Kiteman store?
Haha, I'll start discounting when I start selling...
belsey Kiteman1 year ago
Actually, I've found you start selling when you start giving away for free and discounting....
Kiteman belsey1 year ago
Unfortunately, I have no leeway to discount further, and no spare funds to give away freebies.
belsey Kiteman1 year ago
True, discounts and free give-aways are much easier to handle when you're dealing with digital rather than physical items.
canida (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
Good suggestions all!
Kiteman canida1 year ago
One tries...
Oooo yeah, I get a LOT of junk (good junk) from A.S.&S. :-)
Joann Fabrics & Craft Stores(
Does ibles qualify as a sewing/craft organization?

Michaels and ACMoore craft stores

There is a new Hobby Lobby in Joisey that we haven't gone to yet. They are closed on Sundays.

They have regular coupons in local ads for off one item but a percentage off total might be better.
Goodhart1 year ago
Um, Think Geek is currently offering $50 of of a $100 purchase (see their home page....the changing picture dead center) and in here in the details they are offering $20 off $100 purchse. Oh well :-)
Nothing happening with the Shack? Radio Snacks?
canida (author)  caitlinsdad1 year ago
Will see what I can do for you. :)
AWESOME!!! It's a good time to buy stuff in ThinkGeek!!!!! :-)
canida (author)  M.C. Langer1 year ago
Uh-oh, there's a limit to your Artist In Residence storage space! :)
Not only in my storage space. If I come back to Colombia, where will I keep my purchases? The airline will charge extra for my luggage!

I will need a bigger plane... :-)