Awesome Fan Art!

We checked the mail today and found a few envelopes waiting for us. Since they were addressed to Eric's Boring Wall we gave them to Eric to open and enjoy.

One envelope came from Budapest, another from Adrian Monk, and another envelope came from Butte, Montana with a whole pile of colored robots! We were pretty amazed by all the cool stuff.

P.S. Adrian, thanks for the cookies. I kept them all to myself.

Picture of Awesome Fan Art!
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Chicken22099 years ago
Whoever did batman 0.o i did hugh jackman but i didnt send mine in
I did batman!
so you really got those cookies to him!
Yes, indeedy, apple seedy! :D
AnarchistApple... that sounds... interesting... hmmm...
Am I your next target? Jk, lol...
wow, that was SMALL!
Oh NO!!! Cookies made with apple seeds......they contain amygdalin, which is a cyanide and sugar compound that will degrade into hydrogen cyanide after being ingested and being metabolized.
Is that true? It would be a brilliant way to kill someone...
jus' sayin...
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