Awesome little gifts for kids

When giving away lots of little gifts to kids it's easy to just give away cheap toys that will quickly be forgotten. This blog post has some great alternative ideas for quick gifts to make that have a lot more personality. Cute gnomes, hot chocolate kits, jingling necklaces, and more in the links at the bottom. Check it out.

Link via CRAFT

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sooooooo cute! i wanna make enough for the whole of december and instead of an advent calander my littly and hunt the elfy thing :)

next year obviously ...

thanks for this idea
mmm...Those hot chocolate kits look delicious!
Hey hey tee hee hee- forget the kids! (lol) I am gonna make these cutie patooties for my art room ) o.k. o.k and for kids too. Thanks so much for sharing :0) :0)
Hiyadudez8 years ago
Awww, I love those gnomes, they are sooo cute :-)