Awful back-of-the-magazine tat

Somehow, I stumbled across this bloody-terrible piece of cack on the internet:
Flying Scotsman-Memories of Steam Cuckoo Clock
And remembering the:
Elvis Presley Dambusters Clock Plate of Tutankhamun
I could not honestly tell which was real, and which was a "piss-take".

There are more... what did you see in the back of that thing you looked at printed on cheap-paper?

Picture of Awful back-of-the-magazine tat
V-Man7377 years ago
Actually, on the same page as the Flying Scotsman, I noticed a light-up Mary ...thing.
lemonie (author)  V-Man7377 years ago

Magnificent on its own, no sunlight or window placement is needed to add illumination to this stained-glass edition – it glows with a clever system of long-lasting LED lights concealed within the custom frame.

Yes that is bad.

"Celebrate England's Glory and Passion" with such categories as "John Wayne", "Disney", "Elvis" and "Michael Jackson".