B968 Round one- concealable weapons Submission Form

Members of my knex tournament: please give a link to me .

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chopstx8 years ago
you like your cat dont you?
builder968 (author)  chopstx8 years ago
Ya think?! Anyway, I got ANOTHER cat! Now I have two litterboxes to clean out. YAY!
Yeah, i love cats. I have one right now. His name is Rikko. He is an outdoor cat so i dont see him too often. However, when inside, he is very affectionate! 8-)
builder968 (author)  chopstx8 years ago
Both of my cats are indoor, since Molly throws up if she eats grass and Sasha's declawed. Here's some pictures of my new cat-
builder968 (author)  builder9688 years ago
I had to give Sasha away. I'll miss, you, my kitty girl. (cries for real).
Aww, why?
builder968 (author)  RMConstruction8 years ago
Shw wasn't getting along with Molly, so we figured it would make both cats happier. And my dad, since Sasha wasn't using the, um, box.
A: You must've been heart broken to see her go.... B: Eww.
Haha. Cool. We might get another cat this week! =)
builder968 (author)  chopstx8 years ago
YAY!!!!! IT'S TEH INVASIN OF TEH KITTEHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!
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