B968KT( builder968's knex tourney)

OK, so I wasn't able to join Viccie's tourney. So, I made my own. I'll need participants, and three judges. Comment if you want to join or judge. First-come-first-serve. If you want to be a judge, then say so, and I'll PM you. I'll be out of town from July 11th thru July 18th, so if I don't, then don't worry(Internet isn't free there). The first round will be called "concealable weapons". I'll get to posting who's in. But I actually need people to join, first.
People participating-
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UPDATE, PEOPLES! It has come to my attention that we already have 4 judges, but noone participating in the building besides me. Therefore, judge slots can no longer be filled. In other words, DON'T ASK TO BE A JUDGE ANYMORE please. BTW, that was just cause my caps lock key is VERY sensitive.
UPDATE 2: Sorry, all openings close(d) at 11:59:59 EDT, 7/26/2009.
Link to sunmission form:

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smilee8 years ago
Okay I'm quitting judging to be a contestant!
builder968 (author)  smilee8 years ago
Woohoo! I'll PM everybody. Building should start soon, cause I'll be in NY for the last part of next week. Get ready!
knexsniper18 years ago
when does the first round end? and by concealable weapons, do mean that they are small enough the hide, or that they can be disguised?
Anything that can be hidden under a tuxedo coat.
bounty10128 years ago
hey does it have to be an instructable or can it be a slideshow?
you could make an instructable with the video for a super bonus! haha
I still have to like the video.
thats what I was gonna do!
do it!

that was awkward
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