Please tell us, why you love bananas.

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So yummy when frozen, put in drinks and in pancakes. Mmmmm
i love bananas because they make the perfect disguise for banana bombs in wich i have a small sticker covering a touch sensitive compound linked to a small firecracker in the banana via wax coated fuse, touch the large anoying sticker to peel the banana and fizzle theress smoke in banana you put it down with caoution then booooommmm! the firecracker exploions and theres banana everywhere,

also they make exelent plastic explosive holders when a large firey explosion is needed instead of a invisible shockwave explosion, but so it glag wrap or a few foil layers, but banaanas are funner
I always knew that there must be a use for those stupid stickers...
yes , they are plastic explosives concealemnt checkers, look underneath them to see in plasitic explosives are concealed within you banana, personaly though ide much rather buy a bunch with composition minelite b (standarn wax -chlorate explosive ), than with mushy banana inside it, unles i was realy hungry and needed someting to fill me up quickly (excuse the rude pun some of you may not notice , but still) , as i often feel like vomiting if im hungry, bananas give me the power to go on (once again sorry for this coincidental pun). \

another thing i love about bananas is that they stink when you ignite rocket propelant on them or have the hot smoke from rp burn them (i idid this with a homemade mini pen canon), they smell like rotton eggs, but not if wraped in foil odly enough, they mkae fantastic stink emiters , because the chemical gases that smell given off by the gun powder bananas, must react with light and moistur before they start to stink, and so the banana wont smell close up but willl at around 50cm (or 2 feet ).

but another thing i like that is pyro- unrelated is that they are funnny as hell to just throw at people,

imagin this, you walk past someone, then throw a banana at them, simply hilarious slapstick comedy,

if they react agressivly, apologise, then throw a banana at them again after saying " oh my i am dreadfully sorry govner, do ya want per'aps another banana to turn that ther frown downsideup-side down then upside down again so your smilin , ay!?". ive done this and it works, 3 times on differnet people, they dont act agressivly , they just try and indireclty tell you your wierd then run off sort of intimidatedly, like your some sort of 8 foot man - o - muscle meanie, i did this to my bully ad he left me alone, normaly hes come and shove me real hard just for being within his sight, but wehn oyu do this, someting happens, and they become confused in a sort of way like the tables have turned in your favour .

also i like the way they taste
I think so you , I like it
Thankyou your post
cupcake437 years ago
cuz they are THE best fruit ever and monkeys eat them
crapflinger7 years ago
because they like to hank out in hammocks
IntenseInfernape (author)  crapflinger7 years ago
hmmmm, interesting............................
stoneage107 years ago
Well it is very healthy and..and..
well it is very healthy :-)
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