BB OR PELLET GUN(1.77cal) COME!!!!

These guns can be fun to have they are also a big responsibility. If you want to get a license you need to take a course that lasts about 2 days(possibly) and then you will get a test, if you pass the test depending on where you are i think you will get a certificate. After all this you should be able to apply for a license... Now if you are a MINOR in Canada you need to be from the age of "12 to 17" you will need to do all the same things as you would do for the adult license, this license is only for a minor who gets a gun from a licensed adult. The gun can not be purchased by a minor it needs to be registerd under the name of a licensed adult. the price for a minors license rages from about $10 to $30, it depends on how long you will have it for. the minors license in Canada will allow a minor to do the following: - target practice - hunting - instruction in the use of firearms;and - taking part in organized shooting competitions NOTE: a minor does not need a license unless he is under super vision of a licensed adult(arms length away. :( This stuff is all so interesting to me if you have a license or a gun tell me what you think of it and what you do with it.(hunting...) Do you like these guns etc. etc. talk to me about them. PCE!

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jodybaker10 years ago
Back in 1979 I lived with my uncle in western Montana. He was a part-time gunsmith (hobbyist, really, but he did do some work for others) That guy had some cool guns; the coolest was a .177 cal rifle (I seem to recall he made the shells by squeezing the diameter of .222 shells). So you can imagine a .177 bullet (hollow point) coming out of a .222 shell! It would explode on impact and would destroy varmints. But the bullets were light so wind or a blade of grass would throw it off course. It was fun to shoot.
That's pretty cool, and you have a good memory, there is a whole class of wildcats based on the .222
rickick (author)  jodybaker10 years ago
That sounds fun, he must have had some pretty good talent. Those little shells must have flew. Oh and just out of curiosity "What kinds of varmints would it destroy"?
Ground squirrels mostly. Marmots up in the hills. The occasional Magpie that would steal the cat food. I feel guilty about it now.
man he must of had alot of time on his hands to make that