BBC runs Instructable-powered car?

Some of you will have seen the Honda that runs on trash.

Jimmason built a gasification plant into the back end of the Honda, and ran the car on the gas produced.

A classic Make, which the BBC have recreated, in the form of a car that runs on used coffee grounds.

The video is here (click and scroll down to the second video) - it won't embed from the BBC.

No sign of a credit for the source, but I do know that the chap in the video knows this site exists, since I tried to persuade him to join.

What do you reckon - coincidence or plagiarism?

Picture of BBC runs Instructable-powered car?
Kryptonite7 years ago
A perfect pairing: Instructables and XKCD!
Kryptonite7 years ago
The internet allows you to put on a mask of maturity and make everything you say sound important.

For example: look at my camel mask!
PKM7 years ago
Correlation does not imply causation, nor does it imply coincidence.  See below :)

There's been a lot of stuff in the "geek news" recently about gasifiers.  They are (as I'm sure you're aware) an old technology, but getting more press in the post-"fuel cell and hydrogen economy" world of techno-utopia skepticism.  They probaly look similar because... that's what a gasifier looks like?
lemonie7 years ago
Open source technology. They look the same because the designs are, but they might have seen it here first.