Well, I finally got around to making a sidearm. Largely based on TheDunkis' new oodammo AP. Instructions -

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i like mayo7 years ago
where can i f***en get some knex.
Garage sales are really good places to get K'nex. You can get K'nex in very large quantities and for really low prices if you are lucky and find one which sells K'nex
That is where i get most of mine XD
r knex like legos.
Recently (a year or so ago) K'nex have started selling K'nex bricks which are like lego but the original K'nex aren't really similar to the legos.
thx.   *.*
look in a store like wal-mart, or just buy a lot off ebay for cheap!
Not too hard :)
DJ Radio8 years ago
TD's looks tighter, but i suppose this gun gets the job done just as well as TD's.
jollex DJ Radio8 years ago
TD's looks better and is more compact, but BB's works better.
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