It's done. I decided to scrap the shell idea because it didn't benefit the gun at all. It can be easily modded for shells though, it still has the open breach type thing. I finally made a trigger, loosely based off of spider massacre. So now, it's a single shot. It's very powerful. Right now I have it shooting 60+ feet with 2 #64's. It fires grey or red rods. I prefer grey. I'll post it sometime soon.

New stuff -

-New barrel that uses oodammo (oodalumps' ammo). I call this the lumpy barrel.
-Ammo holder for oodammo.

Picture of BBSS **UPDATED**
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Dirtyboyy8 years ago
hmm your ak 47 is better ;)
The Jamalam8 years ago
looks bad. beastly, but not attractive. i suggest mods.
bakenbitz (author)  The Jamalam8 years ago
You're one to talk about how a gun looks. Personally I think it looks alright. Looks only matter for replicas. Last time I checked, this isn't a replica.
now that was uncalled for. I merely pointed out that it is messy, and you took it as a personal insult. My guns do look good if you actually buiild them. Seriously you need anger management.
bakenbitz (author)  The Jamalam8 years ago
I don't have to build something to see a picture.
i never said you did. i just said that try building my guns because they look better as the real thing rather than in photos.
So I guess you built his gun then, right? Otherwise, you would be a hypocrite.
Lol owned. Jammy just leave it. Honestly your guns aren't all the best looks wise. Some are messy and some look good. Everyone has those kinds of guns. BB you should learn to control yourself and get a better attitude. You're even harsher than usual recently... oodah *high five*
bakenbitz (author)  TheDunkis8 years ago
Control myself? You have no idea what I would've posted if it weren't for these admins that apparently treat comments as if they were intended for a G rated movie.
This could be a G-Rated movie; Knex Wars: Bakenvader strikes back! ... Don't ask...
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