So this is my new knex pistol it is also my entry for T.V.K.I.T.
It shoots blue rods in a mag with an internal mag pusher,
it holds around 10-12 blue rods and and estimate range is around 40 - 45 ft.
So I hope you like it, and i will be posting it  soon, so remember to subscribe!:)

Picture of BDAP
Picture 031.jpg
Picture 032.jpg
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KnexFreek8 years ago
looks good AND 12 rd mag is nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bigdylan91 (author)  KnexFreek8 years ago
TheDunkis8 years ago
Nothing new. Even if you give it removable oodammo magazines it still won't be too special.
Why does everyone care about new?  We've gotten to a point where it is almost impossible to make anything new with pistols anyways.
But DJ, I've seen you comment countless times saying stuff like, 'Good but nothing new 3.5*'. Etc, why you moaning at Dunkis?
It's as if he tries to sound intelligent by making an otherwise decent post but fails when he completely contradicts earlier and later posts and then gets mad at us when we tell him that.
It's called "Changing your mind".  I'm sure you guys have done it before.
Yes you do it quite often. You don't just change your mind but you go completely bipolar about it. First you don't give a crap about grammar at all and freak out at anyone that targets you. Then you go all righteous about it.
It's no different from you and your website preferences.  I just got older that's all. 

You tend to change your mind a lot when you are 13 (well at least I do).
Heh yeah I was telling you about that with still didn't believe me then.
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