So this is my new knex pistol it is also my entry for T.V.K.I.T.
It shoots blue rods in a mag with an internal mag pusher,
it holds around 10-12 blue rods and and estimate range is around 40 - 45 ft.
So I hope you like it, and i will be posting it  soon, so remember to subscribe!:)


Picture of BDAP
Picture 031.jpg
Picture 032.jpg
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KnexFreek6 years ago
looks good AND 12 rd mag is nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bigdylan91 (author)  KnexFreek6 years ago
TheDunkis6 years ago
Nothing new. Even if you give it removable oodammo magazines it still won't be too special.
Why does everyone care about new?  We've gotten to a point where it is almost impossible to make anything new with pistols anyways.
But DJ, I've seen you comment countless times saying stuff like, 'Good but nothing new 3.5*'. Etc, why you moaning at Dunkis?
It's as if he tries to sound intelligent by making an otherwise decent post but fails when he completely contradicts earlier and later posts and then gets mad at us when we tell him that.
It's called "Changing your mind".  I'm sure you guys have done it before.
Yes you do it quite often. You don't just change your mind but you go completely bipolar about it. First you don't give a crap about grammar at all and freak out at anyone that targets you. Then you go all righteous about it.
It's no different from you and your website preferences.  I just got older that's all. 

You tend to change your mind a lot when you are 13 (well at least I do).
Heh yeah I was telling you about that with KI...you still didn't believe me then.
Again, I changed my mind about that.  Now I do believe you.
Notice how old those comments are?  I took some time to think about that a few minutes before I commented to Dunkis, and I have a new stance about it now.
Tell that to the fashion designers. Tell that to pretty much any industry. Really why should I build this? Why should it even impress me. What's the point of it if I have no reason to like it? Maybe it's nice to a new knexer but then he could go and build one of the others we already have. Take the spiff for example. If you can't come up with anything new then that's your problem. I have plenty of ideas just not the pieces to make them.
Or maybe this guy is just trying to make a good contest entry with the contest in mind, and not just you. 
knexguy Kinetic6 years ago
You really can't take constructive criticism, can you?  You can even let other people take it.
Kinetic knexguy6 years ago
Constructive criticism?  The guy was going on about how much better he was than this.  I respect the dunkis as one of the best knexers out there, but putting doown someone less experienced than him is not "constructive" at all. 
knexguy Kinetic6 years ago
He was telling the truth.  Industries DO look for new designs.

And I imagine he threw in the 'I have plenty of ideas just not the pieces to make them.' to stop people accusing him of not having any new ideas.
Kinetic knexguy6 years ago
I'm not talking about that.  I'm talking about "What's the point of iit if I have no reason to like it"  that pissed me off.  I don;t are who is saying it, no one is good enough to do that.  I understand he was telling the truth, but he was not "cconstructivelycriticizing anybody,. 
I don't speak for the entire community and I don't mean to sound like I'm more important because I know there are people who will like this. I'm trying to give him something to think about though. I come off as harsh sometimes but I'm only trying to teach something that he'll learn sooner or later. The majority probably won't like any of his future guns if he follows the same pattern. I'm trying to tell him that so he doesn't have to take as much criticism in the future. Make something new.
Thats conThats constructive criticism.  Sorry if I made a big deal of things but I just hate when new people are put down, merely because if the simplicity of their guns.  Take killerk for example:  he just took simplicity and perfected it, and now we all worship him (hopefully not really).  Simplicity is good, if you know exactly what you are doing. 
And I'm trying to tell him that while it is all good and stuff, over doing it doesn't help. We have plenty of these. I'm not insulting his weapon. It would have been excellent a year ago. It's just you can find plenty other weapons. That's what I meant by "Why would I want to build this?" I didn't mean I wouldn't build that specifically but I would rather build something else that we already have. It didn't provide me anything to make me change my mind. I have no problem with people like you. I understand you're just trying to help and I try to do the same thing. Misunderstanding is common. I hate fighting though I love to argue.
"I hate to fight but I love to argue"  well put.  Unfortunately, I love to do both :P 
knexguy Kinetic6 years ago
Yes, KILLERK perfected the tube and stick, but his gun was also one of the first knex weapons posted on this site.  It was posted over 2 years ago, but people still post copies of it today (not saying that has happened here, however).
I think it was the eleventh knex gun posted.  Before his gun, we had 2 or 3 block triggers, some Gatling guns, a few RBGs, and probably a triggerless gun.
I think Hobolord's first crossbow may have been before then as well.
No, it came after the Killerk pistol.
bigdylan91 (author)  Kinetic6 years ago
Exactly what i was doing, thank you.
No prob, I hate seeing people get put down. 
I have an answer to all the questions you provided above.  "Because I said so".  =P
 Then share your ideas.
It still does make me wonder.  I think as long as it performs good people would like it. 

I do have plenty of ideas myself, and the parts to make it, just not the time.
travw6 years ago
Why'd you just post pics, when the pics were taken in 2008?
bigdylan91 (author)  travw6 years ago
Thats just how my moms camera is.
Oh. Make it have removable mags and it might not be bad.
bigdylan91 (author)  travw6 years ago
Ok then i have to change my plans first i'll make it has removable mags then ill make it an oodammo pistol

No, make it so it has removable oodammo mags.

bigdylan91 (author)  knexguy6 years ago
sure that will go with my oodammo version
But then making one with removable normal mags is pointless.
travw knexguy6 years ago
Yeah, that'd be better.
Okiedokie. Good luck with that.
bigdylan91 (author)  travw6 years ago
thanks i'll probally need it
Koosie6 years ago
Woah, sweet gun!

So exposed ... and dangerous looking 8->
bigdylan91 (author)  Koosie6 years ago
Lol, thanks.
DJ Radio6 years ago
One word: oodammo.
bigdylan91 (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
That will be my next gun the name will be BDAP V2
travw6 years ago
Uh..... No offense, but anyone could make this exact same thing.

Sorry, but there isn't anything that new on this.
bigdylan91 (author)  Killer~SafeCracker6 years ago
It's ok but thanks for viewing and commenting on it.
No problem
bigdylan91 (author)  Killer~SafeCracker6 years ago
rememebr to subscribe