So this is my BDBOW i'm thinking of posting it but i wanna hear what you guys think of it first, remember to subscribe.Credit goes to Zak for the 6gun handle and cause it uses somethings from his turretbow.

Picture of BDBOW
Picture 044.jpg
Picture 045.jpg
Picture 046.jpg
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Add a turret and you got a one good gun.
bigdylan91 (author)  Killer~SafeCracker6 years ago
then it would just like zaks turretbow
it would just like what?
bigdylan91 (author)  Killer~SafeCracker6 years ago
i dont want something like his unless i just build his

He removed all the pics and won't let anyone post his.  Go ahead.  I'll cover for you if you encounter problems.
bigdylan91 (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
actually if he lets me im going to try to build 6gun tomorrow i'll  post that
and maybe this but i wanna make this have a new trigger first
He won't.
Then he should make an original single shot gun like I did and post that.  But then I made/posted my OMEN just because ooda wouldn't post his wrectangle and Zak wouldn't post his 6 gun, and I also wanted something that was comfy as heck.
The reason why the six gun wasn't posted because it wasn't working well or something, and with the wrectangle, its too easy to build for instructions.
Weird, Zak claimed it was working better than the ZLG.... Whatever for wrectangle.
travw DJ Radio6 years ago
I know this is a late reply, but I wanted to clear this up.
The trigger worked better than ZLG's trigger. I can vouch for that. The gun itself, including the bullet lock, didn't work very well.
DJ Radio travw6 years ago
oh ok.
Tom Buckey6 years ago
This looks great! a lot better than any of mine :)
Are you posting?
knexsniper16 years ago
look impressive!
bigdylan91 (author)  knexsniper16 years ago
ya but i took it apart so i wont be posting
money maker6 years ago
that looks cool are u gona post it

id build it. then mod the crap out of it. i have something like this, but in pistol form and with only one track.
smithinator6 years ago
what\gun is that
bigdylan91 (author)  smithinator6 years ago
Well it started out i wanted to build Zak's turretbow but he wouldn't give me pics so i made my own rail gun then i modded it and now its bdbow which is up there ^ so comment and remember to subscribe.
lioneatr6 years ago
 nice, i see knexsayer influenced stock?
bigdylan91 (author)  lioneatr6 years ago
ya i made it from the knexsayer stock
TigerNod6 years ago
Very nice, indeed. Looks very promising. The only change I would recommon is changing the way the handle attaches to the frame, and add an iron sight. 4.0.
knex_mepalm6 years ago
 Looks like the outline of a gun. Show closeups.
TheDunkis6 years ago
Add a magazine and it will be amazing. It's a dream I've had for a while now to make a gun nearly exactly like this except mag fed and maybe bullpup.
,,Dont tell, but I've got a huge mag fed crossbow coming up...,,
Me too.  I have a prototype all plotted out.  I need more time to do this however...
Show me.
Sigh... I have 2 projects that will have to be made before this.  Expect it in early 2010.
Perhaps I'll PM you once its completed.
 Or now now now :) Please?
Look up :-)
bigdylan91 (author)  I_am_Canadian6 years ago
pm me too please?
I should nay have said anything. It will be up when its done.
pm me aswell!!!!!!! please!!!!
Get a topic up when you're done ayack. :)
I made a prototype, but I've gotta work on the looks, and I think the mag could do with some tweaking too. Perhaps the trigger as well... 
That trigger is ugly as sin.
I wish I had time, then I could make my mag fed crossbow.
Time to think one up? Because you've built plenty of other things in your time.
No, time to build.  I am very busy with school and such, and don't really have a lot of time to knex anymore.
I have a perfect Idea for a mag fed sling pistol, I'll start to work on it as soon as I get the pieces.  And for those who wand ideas on how to make such a gun:  I know its lego, but the same idea can be applied to knex 
Not looking at the video but was it that crossbow pistol with the cool music and by that guy who thinks lego guns are only for adults? Yeah that was another one of my dreams back when handle fed side arms were still popular. Good luck.
Handle fed sidearms are still popular, aren't they?
bigdylan91 (author)  TheDunkis6 years ago
you can maybe make it and maybe mod the stock since it uses lots of pieces inside of the stock and add a mag
See now I would have made one because I wanted one so bad but obviously there must be a reason that I haven't then. I don't have enough pieces. I hate to keep saying it but yeah I can't make anything like this. I have higher priorities with my money.
DJ Radio6 years ago
This was the 1111th topic posted on the knex section!
Bartboy6 years ago
I like the trigger!
KnexFreek6 years ago
looks good,

what ammo?
Is it hard to load?

ps: Turn on the light next time u take pics lol! :)
bigdylan91 (author)  KnexFreek6 years ago
It shoot any rod the range right now is like 35-40 atm but im using 2 thin bands lied together i need some 64's theres no mag and yes the handle are comfy and so is the stock and bassicaly it's like loading the br8
 um if u need 64s i have a ton but i dont know how to send/give them to you
do u live in the usa?
do u live in georgia
Idk what to do srry :(

*holds 64s in hand (cries sniff sniff)*
Seleziona6 years ago
 please post! 5*
knexsniper16 years ago
dang good!!! 5 star! :)
Der Bradly6 years ago
You might want better pics. From what I see, the trigger should be upgraded. The handle could be made stronger. A few touch ups and you should post!
Knarez6 years ago
So this is just a crappier, uglyer, over sized, could go on, version of my turret bow thing. Nice job dude!
DJ Radio6 years ago
Feels rather hollow.  Maybe connect the stock and both handles?
bigdylan91 (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
maybe ill make one like that
NYPA6 years ago
Kellog? no. Post? Yes.
bigdylan91 (author)  NYPA6 years ago
after i get a perfect trigger mech in it
travw6 years ago
Well, it's not bad, but it's definitely FUGLY. Make it look a little better, and increase the range, then I'll like it a lot more.
bigdylan91 (author)  travw6 years ago
well im tyring to get a perfecto trigger mech in it right now but i havent found a good one yet
bigdylan91 (author)  bigdylan916 years ago
smilee6 years ago
Take better pics...
pls6 years ago
 yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaa bbuuuuuuuuddddddddddyyyyyyyyy

bigdylan91 (author)  pls6 years ago
thanks pls lol