BF3 and MW3

Are you going to buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3 or even both?

If so, on PC, XboX360 or PS3?

I already have the Battlefield 3 Beta for PlayStation 3 and I think it's awesome.

I pre-ordered MW3 for Playstation 3 for only 16 euros. Guess how that's possible.

Greetings, H.

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~KGB~6 years ago
Id love to see BF3 sell out MW3 and everyone who made MW3 loose their jobs! they deserve this for making one of the worst games ever, BLACK C*CKS!
why do you hate black ops?
noobtubes, famas, stoner63, constant lagging, treyarch, crappy knifing (ridiculos) unfair teams, crappy spawn system, your forced to use the famas because all of the guns are underpowerd compared to it, no map packs, flak jacket, ninja, ak74u..... i could go on for days with that disgracefull game, battlefield has no perks, making everyone somewhat equal, vehicles you can actually drive and more realistic guns eg: shells come out of the chamber and there one shot already loaded into the chamber.
well, i don't realy have lag. I use the famas sometimes with noobtube, but that is just to troll everybody. I still like it because i only have the wii, so i can't play BF (our computer probably can't take it)
Did you improve on zombies yet?
a bit, recently i got to round 22 with only a Pap-ed balistic knife + that big knife and an PaP-d aug+ monkeys. Then i got bored and blew myself up by an bomb while shooting around
nice! =D whts your ally code?
hmmm, i once gave you my a.c. but i saw today you deleted me, maybe look in youre or mine orange board
lol, i deleted my account after getting pissed off
lol, why where you pissed off?
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