BIG electro magnet uses?

So i have been taking apart alot of electronics, looking for sweet pieces for my arc reactor im building and today i decided to take apart an old Goulds jet Pump.  Inside i was please to find all this coperwire. I just LOVE the look of this thing, and i know people always build coil guns and all that cool weapon stuff. There has GOT to be a cool use for this, other then giant paperweight.   Any suggestions.  Here is a photo of it.  That copper goes all the way through it. and looks the same on the other side.

Picture of BIG electro magnet uses?
lemonie5 years ago
It's a motor-stator, it works best with the other bits of the motor.
The magnetic-flux is around the metal, it doesn't come out or penetrate the centre that much. And it's circular rather than linear.

pharseid5 years ago
A little syncrotron? More seriously, magnet wire is fairly expensive, if nothing else, save it for when a project does occur to you.
Its almost impossible to recover intact from a motor though