BIOS bypass

Hi everyone, i seen some pretty basic questions lol, so i guess mine will be ok :D

Basically ive been having trouble with getting this thread to fully work for me

i kno i shuld post it there ... but only one person replied there so i didnt think id get a response, anyhow

my problem is i dont have a dvd burner and im trying to install windows 7. as you more likely figured out from the link name my motherboard doesnt support booting usb option from the bios. my computer is a Dell dimension 2350 (prolly a good 10 yr old model) everything still factory cept my 2 512 RAM cards. im using a 8 gig magic gate Pro duo stick in a targus multi-flash card loader (incase you needed details)

so i followed the guide in the link to the end, my problem is after i select the USB mode like in step 3... it does a quick reboot u can say, it freezes at the screen with all dots..

im gonna re try and see if i found my error. but i was hopin maybe someone else knows where i messed up.

thanks for lookin and your time :)

PS: i have created a bootable memory card with windows 7 on it if that makes a difference also

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Henne (author) 7 years ago
thank you for the replies everyone, sry it took a while for a response but i was up all night trying to get it to boot lol.

@lemonie, yes im trying to install windows 7 from my bootable USB using the Plop on a CD to make my computer see my USB (my BIOS doesn't support USB/flash boot)

@NachoMahma i finally got some rest so ill re-read lol, but my floppy drive doesn't work, hence why i was trying that thread. Also i can't view all steps as a free member, Is there additional info in the view all ? or is it just quicker than viewing pages at a time ?

and sorry if this was a inconvience, i didn't realize the different pages have different comments.

lemonie Henne7 years ago
Just a check - does the machine on which you downloaded Windows 7 boot from the USB to the install? I. e. has the USB been tested and found to be fully functional?

Henne (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Yea it booted fine. and i forgot to answer how i solved it. I didn't actually do anything. But the installation screen hangs tho the files are still being loaded. So to future member who give it a try just give it some time, could take 10+ minutes for the windows 7 installation menu to actually come up. and for me anyway it hung after the finalizing installation ( i gave it a hour just to be safe everything installed before i hard reset) and everything was good for me.
lemonie Henne7 years ago
Oh good, patience pays off.

.  View All is a "Pro" feature - sorry about that. Going to step one will show the comments I mentioned.
Henne (author) 7 years ago
Ok good news ! i  got my video driver installed ... So, im very iffy about installing driver finders and whatnot, but for anyone whose video driver is incompatible with windows 7 try using "DriverMax" its highly recommended and it works like a charm at least for me. it installed accurate drivers to your computer's specs and also the free version lets u update/install 2 drivers a day. So with everything bein good i wanna thank you all and peace out for now ^^
Henne (author) 7 years ago
Sorry for the long delay response, was having technical difficulties lol.

I've successfully installed windows 7, But now i can't revert back to XP - so I'm now stuck with it (re-installing windows xp gives me a Error booting operating system message) which isn't a big deal since i know this finally works. So i just wanted you guys to know that the link i mentioned did work for me (though i cannot revert back to XP and below) and i used a different link to make the bootable usb, though i lost the guide after the installations.

Also that my video driver/resolution is stuck at 16-bit 640x480 until i find a work-around.

I hate to keep this thread going since my problem is solved. But if someone knows how to get a Dell dimension 2350 video driver to become compatible with windows 7 I'd appreciate that.. which i believe is "Intel 845G/GL Video Driver" (v., incase your curious), that came with my Dell resource CD(driver cd). I've tried searching but the closest i got was windows vista. so i was hoping someone hasa idea or went through a similar situation that could toss me a clue =P.


Henne (author) 7 years ago
I'm not trying to be rude at all when i say this, but thanks for both your time - but the comments in that link don't help me whatsoever, so back to hours of searching lol, i tried using the Magic gate pro duo SD card w/ a card reader, but now im in the process of re downloading MS windows 7 and im gonna try with a ipod as the USB this time and see if it works.

thanks again - Henne
lemonie7 years ago
Are you trying to install Windows like you say, or boot it off the USB like the instructable?

NachoMahma7 years ago
.  Go to "View All Steps..." or step one and read the comments (your link points to the last step). Someone claims that Plop can be booted from a floppy.