BLOCKHEAD: Precision Knex Crossbow

This is the latest crossbow I've made, the front bow is not that special, but holds a lot of power and is why I choose the name =p

The trigger however, took me about 2-3 hours to make and is a fully working true trigger.

Here are Instructions:

Also 2 video's:

Part 1: Showing Trigger Mech and loading:

Part 2: Showing destructive power:

Picture of BLOCKHEAD: Precision Knex Crossbow
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100_4644 (Large).JPG
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Wicky (author) 9 years ago
I just put a link to the instructable here, because I felt this crossbows instructable passed by unnoticed at all... like 160 views?! =\
Wicky (author) 9 years ago
Its posted, the Instructable should pop up soon, or go here:
Very nice!!! Where are the light blue rods from? I have never seen them before.
Wicky (author)  Loosewire; SOE Operative9 years ago
Those came from the Starburst Spinner attraction ..they are the same as grey rods. That Starburst also comes with 2 very rigid white rods(grey size).

Yeah it was on sale for like 15 euro...couldn't let that pass by =)
Storm950 Wicky9 years ago
Posting soon??
Wicky (author)  Storm9509 years ago
Just made the pics for the instructable this afternoon, now I just need some time to make it into an instructable, maybe I'll work on it at school
Storm950 Wicky9 years ago
Wicky (author)  Storm9509 years ago
I don't even have it here atm, I will take pictures on Monday/Tuesday (maybe Wednesday) and then get it into an Instructable... Sorry that it will take so long..busy with school and work =|
Storm9509 years ago
OH SWEET! :) Nice rug XD It would have been awesome if you had stuch with the moveable limbs, oh well! This one looks amazing and a lot better than the reaper! Post, please, please!
Wicky (author)  Storm9509 years ago
Lol I needed to make the video in my little brothers room, which is way larger than mine =p

I did actually get the movable limbs to work, it was just not living up to my standards (often means getting crushed =x)

Its the trigger that is nice, and it even is backwards compatible with the Reaper =o
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