BOLO: nidiron (SPAMmer)
. Three SPAMs as of this post and he even created a Group called midiron.

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Derin7 years ago
Interesting. The keyword to his group is SPAM
Yes, appropriate isn't it? But once you've killed the SPAMs how do you cram them into the cans? L
once you've killed the SPAMs,
how do you cram them into the cans?

Well of course, you understand,
You will need to use a RAM. ;-)
Bigev Goodhart8 years ago
A SPAM cram ram?
spamma cramma?
NachoMahma (author)  lemonie8 years ago
. One at a time. Unless they are real small ones.
I would use a SPAM ram to cram the ham into the can.
Oh please make a SPAM-Ram! (If you don't I probably will...) L
Needs an Instructable I think! L
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