BOSEbuild Design Challenge

The BOSEbuild Design Challenge encourages creative expression through the creation of 3D printable designs for the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube.

The Speaker Cube is a build-it-yourself Bluetooth speaker engineered for curious minds. It allows for hands-on exploration of how a magnet and coil work together to make a speaker work.

The finished Speaker Cube is built from a clip and panel system. You can design your own custom clips and panels and silhouette covers to be 3D printed to create a whole new personality for your finished speaker. And the best part is, the speaker will still work and sound great!

The Design Challenge will run from June 19 to July 31, 2017. The winning entries will win an Ultimaker 3D printer, BOSEbuild Speaker Cubes, or Bose Headphones.

This forum topic is for the discussion of any questions you have about the Speaker Cube, creating your own custom designs and any other questions you have about the design challenge.

We are excited to see what creations you come up with.

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alamtania4 months ago

I'm a finalist for this challenge and I won the second prize. Link to the design:

Anyone who would like to see an Instructable on how I made this?


Hey Alamtania, I was a runner up in the same competition. Your design is great I would love to see an instructable on how you made it.

lewatoto4 months ago

i'm not angry or anything like this but, why select as finalist a design for more than two opposing sides of the bose speaker?

Unfortunaly I misread the due date and thoiught it was tomorrow and could not submit my model.

BOSE 001.jpg

Sorry about that! Don't forget we have a Fidget Spinner Design Challenge going on too!

Hi Penolopy,

My designed is contained in 3 .stl files, one for the bottom plate design, one for the top plate design, and then a part the attaches to the top plate design. I understand that with the way that entry is set up, only 1 design file is uploaded under "Design Files." Does it matter which one I upload to this section? If I upload the other 2 to the "Image files" section, they will be considered for judging right? Thanks for your help.

Sorry I missed your comment, but yes that is fine and your entry looks great :)

TeD3D4 months ago

I submited 2 entries and it says i have only one....

And the entry than doesn't show was the first one that i submited. At first it was accepted and i could see it, but when i submited the second it got lost when the second was accepted! The first was "World Music" and the second was "World Music 2"

Χωρίς τίτλο.jpg

Since the design challenges are still new formats, we've been running into some issues. Unfortunetly, I can't say for sure what happened to your first entry, but I see you've resubmitted it and I went ahead and accepted it so you should be good to go! I'm sorry for the difficulty you've encountered. Hopefully it won't happen again!

rpreston015 months ago

Hi, In your opinion what would a Grand Prize winning model be like design wise?

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