DIY Helium Flying Saucer floated away with 6 YO Boy

OCT 15th 2009 Noon PST
A CO boy climbed into a Helium filled Flying Saucer shaped balloon his Dad made. The 6 YO climbed in and released the balloon. It left Fort Collins CO and is flying East across CO. is covering live.

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aeromancy8 years ago

Turns out he was just hiding in his attic. :-)

Guarantee that this was some sleazy publicity stunt.
So quick to assume the worst?
I'm sorry, I would have thought that assuming that the parents were negligent enough to allow their children to play in and around a poorly secured experimental aircraft was the worst.<br /> <br /> Nice thing about kids.... They can't keep a secret.<br /> <br /> "We did it for the show".<a href=""></a><br />
That quote was pretty funny. Those people are crazy. They storm chase on dirt bikes, hoping to get their own reality show.

The show that they were already in?
Or the show they're trying to get on.
Another one? Which one is that?
TUA = PROPHET :P<br />
Okay, you were right and I was wrong.  Cynicism wins the day, again!
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