B.S.R. 75 bolt action spud gun

This is my latest creation a breech loading bolt action spudgun. video at.....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnnbcmTH0pc

Picture of B.S.R. 75 bolt action spud gun
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simondog6 years ago
This looks like a copy of the BFG50 sold by www.serbu.com. Were you inspired by his design and, if so, can we expect a copy of the Serbu BFG50A to be forthcoming as well?
shenzer6 years ago
I like it very clean looking
Is it pneumatic?
If you look at the trigger it is a sparker so it's combustion
Very nice, I love the design!
Also, how much does she weigh unloaded?
beehard447 years ago
Shadowmang7 years ago
lol, awesome