This is my newest project-the BTPA-7.  BTPA stands for bullet transfer pump action.  This gun brings out the new year of innovation, as it is my most innovative and successful gun yet.  It is a bolt action gun, making for superior efficiency, combined with a pump, making for a high ROF.  Unlike other bolt action guns, however, this gun uses a pusher to transfer the bullet to the firing chamber, and also unique to other bolt action guns, the bullet stays there until it is fired, no matter how you shake or tilt it.  Right now I have most of it done, but do not have the pieces for the ram guide, which is crucial to making the gun fire successfully, keeping the ram in tact as it is pulled back.  

Here is a video of the bullet transfer system:

And here is a video of the gun with the pump (I also removed some pieces that were getting in the way of the trigger so now it works perfectly)

Let me know what you think.

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101man7 years ago
in does not push bullet far enough
Torpe7 years ago
Have you ever heard this song?

"I'm awesome!"
"No you're not dude don't lie."
"I'm awesome!"

BPTA-7 Remix:

"This gun's awesome!"
"No it's not dude don't lie."
"It's awesome!"

Personally, I think it's awesome.

Torpe7 years ago
Alright, is this going to be posted?
101man7 years ago
ive built it from the pump to the mag but im stuck
MrSillyGuns7 years ago
ok so the pump pushes the ram back aswell? and this is super awesome and i rated 5* and u should add a stock if u can
101man7 years ago
im going to build
heatblast7 years ago
Hey Kinetic, do you think you could ever build the BTPA-7 again if you had bought more k'nex and had another chance of making it and posted instructions for it?
knexguy7 years ago
'also unique to other bolt action guns, the bullet stays there until it is fired'

Zak's has a bullet lock...
Kinetic (author)  knexguy7 years ago
 Good job.  Perhaps a better word would be most?  
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