We need to come together and build this gun. Now.

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knexmaster92 years ago

i will start on it now jul 7 2015

didexo (author)  knexmaster92 years ago

Excellent! Let me know how it goes!

Kona-chan2 years ago

I tried to make this yesterday, it was really really really hard so I gave up :?


TheDunkis2 years ago

For those curious, this is the Desert Tech MDR. Quite a neat looking gun I must say. It's ones of the cleaner looking bullpups as well, not too curvy or with odd angles aside from the butt of the stock, so it should be easy enough for someone to take on. What would be really cool for anyone looking to have a go at it, see if you can replicate its modular handguard/barrel feature to make it easy to switch between its regular and compact forms.

didexo (author)  TheDunkis2 years ago

Ah thanks, I didn't know the name of the gun as I just saw it in my Twitter feed. Anyways, yeah I was thinking of attempting to build this as a collab.

No problem, just your friendly neighborhood gun geek to the rescue. Good luck with it.

LOL, +1 that.

For that, you ought to work on this weapon. =P

didexo (author) 2 years ago