Back to School Contest

It's that time again – summer's coming to a close and school's starting soon. Instructables wants to help you launch your back to school season in style! We're starting a contest next week for you to share all your preparations for returning to school. This contest is open to anyone who has a great idea to make the transition from long summer days to long hours of homework just a bit easier. So show us your wardrobe updates, your custom messenger bags, your slick new room decor and tips and tools for keeping on top of your work load.

To say thanks, we're offering up a shiny new netbook, so get ready to show us your stuff - we can't wait to see what you make!

Yes, this contest is open to International Entries

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Kiteman7 years ago
I saw some UK shops with "back to school" adverts, two weeks before the last term closed!
Middle of term 3 (quarter way through semester 2)...

Yea! Back to school tomorrow! :D
Copy and pasted =D
Where on this globe are you currently situated?
Cool, Australia for me.
Im joking. Im in England.
Me too, I'm on Mars.
Pluto Is Not a Planet!
Nor is Uranus.
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