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I just downloaded the new BackTrack distro from Offensive-Security (BackTrack 3 Beta). It's interesting. It has a lot more graphics than 2, and it looks like the computers that all of the "hackers" use in the movies. I don't know if that's cool, or a bad thing. Has anyone else tried BackTrack, and if so what do you guys think about it?

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NozeDive8 years ago
I've used it, but since I haven't used Linux extensivly since it was a part of the curriculim back in high school, I've only seen the tip of the ice berg. I had found a video tutorial online for installing BackTrack2 on a hard drive and being able to dual/multi-boot with Windows, but when I tried to use this tutorial with BackTrack3, I ran out of space since version three is a larger distro than version two. I suppose that I could just tweak some of the commands in the tutorial to accomodate the larger distro, but I'm not familiar enough with Linux to do this and be confident that I'm not missing something else. If any one else has done this with success, please drop me a line. As far as BackTrack3 itself is concerned... it's friggin sweet! I just don't like the live distro part of it because I had a hard time locating drivers, and I would like to free up more RAM.
pretty much any linux distro can be run from a memory stick, the bigger the stick the better but four gigabytes is god enough for most things. Just download the .iso file for your linux and "universal usb installer" from here select backtrack and the version you want then select .iso and the drive letter of the usb stick, press ok and it does all the work for you! having a persistant file is also a good idea so it can save changes you make. hope that helps :-)
Hey thanks for the help! I totally forgot about this thread! Since then, I've been running BackTrack 5 in a virtual machine on a couple of computers, and I have also installed a bootable version on a 32GB thumb drive I got from school.
I am currently running backtrack 5 on a 4gb memory stick which I only just got working again and I have it running on virtual box on my netbook-not fast but good enough!! ;-)
csteinmetz18 years ago
This the best tool for a hacker and i have it booting from my flash disk and from my MP3 player. You'll never know when you'll need it. They just released the BT4 beta and it still has some bugs. I would stick with BT3 until they fix them.
110100101108 years ago
i dont see the point in installing it on a hard drive backtrack is meant to be a swiss knife for cracking and security testing. not anything beyond it if you want to use linux on your pc get mandriva if you also want to think you are a l33t h4xx0r get gentoo if you want your computer to run faster get arch (thats what i use) if you want to see how linux can suck get ubuntu if ubuntu wasnt enough get a mac
Gjdj3 (author)  110100101108 years ago
I agree about the installing thing. The coolest part is booting from the disc on someone elses computer and watching the "WTF" look on their face. Try it some time. lol.
more fun boot knoppix 5.1 on a school library computer. configure a screen saver that looks like a windows one and wait for it to start (or use the screen corners feature). go away and watch computer from distance take a screenshot of the windows desktop. boot knoppix and do the same hack with the slideshow screensaver (with the screenshot being the only image in the folder) (note - i used other applications for this. thought about employing the screen saver only now. i am not sure that the wanted screen savers exist in knoppix) fun without knoppix install firefox on the computer and remove the explorer shortcut from the desktop take screenshot and set as background. remove the icons combine the last 2. make only the explorer icon unclickable (unbelievable but it actually works) : in the desktop background add an arrow that points to the firefox icon and write INTERNET. see how still some folks cant figure out where the internet is in all of them you can change the icon / name of the explorer icon to firefox. no really need to install firefox take a screenshot on computer with vista. open it in fullscreen on one of the xp / 98 computers. or do it in reverse
What is is about Macs that you don't like? I know what I didn't like, but I'm interested in other opinions. L
i worked at macs at few occasions. on my experience the system makes its best to force you to 'the mac way' of doing stuff without much flexibility in one example i wanted to surf on a friend's 2007 mac mini. i see firefox in the taskbar and nowhere else. desktop is empty. no start menu etc. i ht the apple key on the keyboard. still didnt find a way to open empty firefox. ok lets use the allready open one. i open it and it crawls with all those open tabs. when i asked him later why i cant open empty firefox he said that i am meant to use only the one in the taskbar and there is no option to open new instance as easily as in other os also i cant close apps. the computer is slow as hell (slower than my pentium 3 with recent linux) and looks like it just got too much open stuff. but in mac close works as minimize and there is no way to click an x to really close an application other stuff from apple bugs me too. they build their devices for the apple fans from the movie they live in and not for the average skateboard kid. for example ipod needs special treatment to work at all. you cant just plug it into usb on a windows or linux computer and drag mp3s to the window that shows up. even if you use their itunes it thinks itself smarter than you and limits you in moving your music around between more than 1 computer i like software and devices that are built to work and nothing beyond that. and ones that dont think that they are smarter than the user. my computer is a pc. my player is an untitled chinese player that plugs into usb and does not require anything more. my os is linux with kde desktop
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