Bacon Plasma-torch!

Wasn't sure where to put this one. It uses food but it's not exactly a food use. It's just awesome on so many levels. The creator, Theo Gray, is a writer for Popular Science. He calls this a "bacon lance". 


Check out the awesome video via Boing Boing

Picture of Bacon Plasma-torch!
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kill-a-watt6 years ago
not plasma, but oxy-fuel cutting.
xana6 years ago
that is not awesome at all it is a wast of money and food there are starving children in Africa that could eat that. disgusting. that's the $12. a pound its a wast.
Culturespy (author)  xana6 years ago
You do realize that a large majority of starving Africans would find your notion of feeding them pork disgusting and morally offensive right? That's pretty insensitive of you. ;) ...and I already asked my local deli to save me any prosciutto that is past it's sell by date. Wouldn't want it to end up in a landfill!
Africa Religion.jpg
Yes, but what about all those "dangerously underweight" Americans..? L
this is why we are using food to make torches now (i am not american, well not from the US)
Culturespy (author)  foxtrot46976 years ago
My thought was that it's far more sustainable to make torches from pork than iron if they work. It's like locavore industry.
xana Culturespy6 years ago
that seems to be true.
kelseymh xana6 years ago
Interesting. So which side of the issue are you on? Or are you just trolling for fun?
xana kelseymh6 years ago
i am not done. yes it would be sustainable but cost in making the bacon more than likely out way's the +'s. as feeding the pig and care for the pig costs a lot.
Culturespy (author)  xana6 years ago
Totally possible. I'd like to see the relative cost across the board from carbon footprint to $$ and pollution comparing pork to iron and then compare the lbs of pork needed to the lbs of iron needed for a torch. My guess is it's still better to use pork. Smelting, casting, mining and shipping are pretty big polluters compared to hog farming but you never know. I'd rather have more hog farms than foundries and mining runoff pools contaminated with heavy metals. I think I'll take the hog farms over industrial waste and air pollution as well. Still, I could be totally off base. I'm sure for most applications the bacon torch won't hold up anyway.
xana Culturespy6 years ago
there we go somebody see's how real this is.
xana lemonie6 years ago
no dude its .i..
lemonie xana6 years ago
Can you explain?
(I was joking before)

xana lemonie6 years ago
its a rude jester pertaining to certain things. but i knew you where just teasing.
kelseymh xana6 years ago
Ah. Then those comments will be flagged.
xana kelseymh6 years ago
i already flagged then.
xana Culturespy6 years ago
well im just saying that the starving people in the world that need food. weather they find it morally offensive or not, i find the fact of food wast morally offensive.
Culturespy (author)  xana6 years ago
I know, I was just teasing you. :) I agree, there is an obscene amount of food wasted every day in far too many places around the world. It's a shame we can't move food around better to get it to people who need it before it goes bad or just get it to them at all.
xana Culturespy6 years ago
oh and good on ya for doing that.
jeff-o xana6 years ago
This is a drop in an Olympic-sized swimming pool compared to all the food wasted at restaurants (especially all-you-can eat!) and grocery stores all over the world. I agree, there's enough food in the world for everyone and it ought to be shared - but complaining about a bit of bacon used for a single demonstration is extremely narrow-minded.
well said!
xana jeff-o6 years ago
i agree just saying
Plasmana jeff-o6 years ago
xana xana6 years ago
but it really is awesome that he could think of that.
cddog xana6 years ago
Show us you care by naming just one you know of yourself Bet ya can`t
xana cddog6 years ago
her name is desila and she is my girl friend she was adopted two years ago .i.. ..i.
bombmaker26 years ago
"I now have this seven tube bacon-device." That may be the oddest sentence I have ever heard. Yet at the same time, it is easily the funniest
That sounds like one of the late George Carlin's unique sentences.
YES now to use my bacon fueled thermic lance to break out of prison (whooosh) mmmmmmmm bacon omnomnomnomnomnomnom AAAAHHHH MY MOUTH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
wow macgyver brakes out a new episode Thursday.
Culturespy (author)  Damp Cuttlefish6 years ago
Food, duct tape, fire, cutting metal, smelling up the shop in a good way even my wife wouldn't complain about, and all in a single project. This is a prize winner!
Plasmana6 years ago
I bet it smells good too! :D
LOL thats just what I was going to comment LMFAO
ahh well.. :P
foxtrot46976 years ago
this dude put 3 of my most favourite interests into one thing. Bacon, Duct tape and fire. Also, are those hardened bacon sticks edible? They'd make a great snack if they were.
Hmm, Oxy-food welding....might replace acetylene some day. ;)
Culturespy (author)  Arcticpheonix6 years ago
Yeah, like next weekend in my backyard. :)
KentsOkay6 years ago
I feel really inspired to go eat some bacon...
Jayefuu6 years ago
Ha ha awesome. "Like iron, bacon will burn hot enough in pure oxygen to cut through a steel tray"
Bacon cannot be good for your health. However, it's now twice as epic.