Bacteria excrete oil


Scientists in sunny CA have genetically altered bacteria so they eat garbage and excrete crude oil. They plan to be in commercial production by 2011. Sweet!

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That's cool.

What would be cool too is that they make bacteria that excrete food ... =o)
They'd excrete food that we'd eat, and we'd excrete poo that bacteria would eat at their turn.
Now, if if you inject a colony of those bacteria in our belly, they'd eat our poo directly at the source, and we'd excrete food that we could eat.
Later, surgeons could plug our oesophagi directly to our colon, and those bacteria and us would live in perfect symbiosis ... =o)

That would be awesome!

Just eat something one time then you're set for life. Although, I would find it hard to believe that the worms would put out the same amount that we took in. Also, we are taking some out of it as well for nutrients. But we'd be eating less. Give the food we're not eating to starving people in Africa. End global hunger. Choose solved the problem!

Only one thing. What if you ate something bad... You'd be sick much longer.
Or diarrhea may hinder your plan.

Nice idea, though. Let's put it into action!
To get the same amount out would be defying the laws of physics...

You could have ponds of edible algae feeding people, and wastewater feeding back into algal ponds. Preferably *different* algal ponds... ;-) Then you make biodiesel from these second algal ponds, burn it in a power plant, and filter the CO2 back into the ponds.

The algae capture energy through photosynthesis, fixing the CO2 into biomass, so you could theoretically keep things going indefinitely. Clever, neh?
Sounds pretty much like the earth ecosystem... a nice closed system that self corrects in a few thousand years after someone messes around with it to much :)
Surely human waste could be used for this oil purpose, we don't digest cellulose... There probably is a simple 'right in your face' answer that people havn't looked at...
Sewage treatment stations could become a strategic location for this eventual purpose.
Just in case : by "Sewage treatment stations" I meant the place where every wastewaters are collected and cleaned ... I don't know how you actually call that in English.
I understood, usually that or sewage plants...

Or many more colourful names

Or many more colorful names - You'll understand this one...
You mean : «Or many more coulourfull names», right ? ;o)
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