Waste Management's new "Bagster" is a 4'x8'x2.5' woven fabric bag with huge straps. The intended use is as a disposable dumpster, but the construction itself is awe inspiring. How can we use this wonderful $30 product for other things?  We'll be using it as a liner for our general purpose trailer. My first thought was as an inexpensive raised-bed garden (floppy sides need some framing to make this work.  How about as a hammock? It doesn't hold water or it would make an interesting pool...

Anyone else interested in this thing?

Here's the official website:

Picture of Bagster
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Toga_Dan1 year ago

I recently saw a documentary about the ancient art of basket boats. They were coated with bitumen to waterproof em. I suppose the modern stuff would be flexseal. Perhaps the bagster can be waterproofed to make pool. Or boat.

katerlyn1 year ago

I am happy to see your comment and also below, I will use mine for the back of my pickup truck when I pickup compost and/or gravel. Great idea! "Why didn't I think of that?"

SarahH202 years ago

I scrap alot and I see things I like to grab???

SarahH202 years ago

is it ok to go through someone's bagster if its out on the street ???

NachoMahma7 years ago
. "Skip" is British for "dumpster". No idea about greedy-boards and too scared to look it up.
Hunh - the best I could get out of Google (the first two pages, anyway) was:
"The fuzzy family assignment algorithm outperforms the greedy board algorithm, formerly the best available method."
(Hewlett Packard Journal, June 1994, Volume 45, Issue 3)

Now I get to wonder about "fuzzy families" at the same time I'm wondering about greedy-boards... :)
See my answer and Lemonie's reply....
My thanks to both of you. (Now I can devote myself solely to wondering about "fuzzy families." ;)
vtbeachldy (author)  Gorfram7 years ago
O.T> Well, in our house the "fuzzy family" would refer to the furkids-- the cats and dogs that live with us. Also called the four-legged kids. But I'm pretty sure the HP folk were talking about groups of results that came from using WAG theories -- also popular at our house.
I see where she might have gotten confused....I know at My house, more of our fur babies are not really "fuzzy" but have longer coats
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