Waste Management's new "Bagster" is a 4'x8'x2.5' woven fabric bag with huge straps. The intended use is as a disposable dumpster, but the construction itself is awe inspiring. How can we use this wonderful $30 product for other things?  We'll be using it as a liner for our general purpose trailer. My first thought was as an inexpensive raised-bed garden (floppy sides need some framing to make this work.  How about as a hammock? It doesn't hold water or it would make an interesting pool...

Anyone else interested in this thing?

Here's the official website: http://www.thebagster.com/

Picture of Bagster
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Toga_Dan10 months ago

I recently saw a documentary about the ancient art of basket boats. They were coated with bitumen to waterproof em. I suppose the modern stuff would be flexseal. Perhaps the bagster can be waterproofed to make pool. Or boat.

katerlyn10 months ago

I am happy to see your comment and also below, I will use mine for the back of my pickup truck when I pickup compost and/or gravel. Great idea! "Why didn't I think of that?"

SarahH201 year ago

I scrap alot and I see things I like to grab???

SarahH201 year ago

is it ok to go through someone's bagster if its out on the street ???

lemonie6 years ago

It's a cheap-skip then?
No fires, no greedy-boards?

Gorfram lemonie6 years ago
Er, what's a greedy-board?
I "believe" it is a "support board" like they use on some Pickup trucks to raise the height of the sides to increase the load capacity....

Yes it is. There's some kind of humour in using a more earthy and less technically-correct word (esp with ref to "do not fill above this line")

lemonie Gorfram6 years ago

When poeple hire skips it's at a fixed-rate. So they aim to get as much trash in the skip as they can. Nobody takes heed of "do not fill above this line", "greedy-boards" are things like old doors that you put at the sides that enable you to pile the crap higher without falling out the sides.


vtbeachldy (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Ahhhh, now I see! Thank you for the photo and also the explanation.
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