Balistic tips or Spears for a Torpedo?

I don't know what to use. Should I use tips that explode or tips to spear. The torpedo I am currently making is made for ballistic tips but which should I use?

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sculptur7 years ago
why do you want a torpedo?
Pbyrd9 years ago
Is this a collaboration? If so I would expiriment and tink with designs and propulsion systems etc.
Pbyrd9 years ago
I have been wanting to make a torpedoe for a long time but I can't make the motor completley waterproof.
Pbyrd9 years ago
If it explodes underwater everything like the battery and wires will be messed up by the water.And the pipe used as the torpedoe's housing would also be ruined.
Sedgewick1710 years ago
Well, that could work, but in my experience hair spring trigger are inherently dangerous and have a tendency to go off in your hands with the lightest touch.
John Smith10 years ago
Maybe use one of those plastic gun cap things that explode, on impact, might work as a primer.
Sedgewick1710 years ago
Trying to get the torpedo the torpedo explode and at the same time still be water tight might be hard to do, but here is the best setup I can think of. Use a 9volt battery for the man electric source and attach four wires to the battery. The first two wires go to your motor which would be you propulsion sorce other two wires will go through the explosive part of the torpedo and to a push button at the tip of the torpedo. From the push button you run two other wires into the explosive chamber and either attaches very small gauge wire to both ends of the wire so it acts as a glowplug, or buy one of those model rocket igniters. For the explosive camber housing I would use either a thin type of plastic or a cardboard tube that has been painted or coated with wax to make it waterproof.
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iman10 years ago
Ible? Whats ible
Ible = an abbreviation for instructable
Sedgewick1710 years ago
You are planing to run this under water right?
Can you post a picture of it?