Ball Machine Help

This ball machine is tall and has 4 paths so I was wondering if anybody had ideas on where to make a fifth path. I have a lot more knex pieces. So I can build a lot of things. And yes I attached a working ferris wheel to my ball machine with gears and chains.

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Um..... AWESOME!!
Tornado968 years ago
Try making a tilt maze with a motor
rexdino5 (author) 8 years ago
umm... i'm sorry but how do I put a video of it on the computer?
when u r adding a comment hit the add images button. then instead of adding an image add the video
thats worked for me....
The best way to show your video is to upload it to YouTube or MetaCafe first.

Once you have the url, all you need to do is click the "video" button and fill in the boxes.

Like this randomly-selected example:

(I wonder, if "Knexpert06" is any relation to our own "Knexpert"?)
Der Bradly8 years ago
Post! That looks so awesome!
pls8 years ago
VERY cool ball tower, maybe you could make like, a VERY long spiral, I really like the noise they make:) and they look neat to!
looks pretty cool. can u post a vid?