Ball point pens

Does anyone have any ideas about refilling a favourite ballpoint pen with ink? I have thought about using a syringe, but the ink is too thin. Before anyone asks, I can't just buy a replacement refill for the pen as they stopped making them.

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Rishnai9 years ago
A syringe sounds like it would be perfect. How thin is this ink if a syringe won't control it?
batjonesy (author)  Rishnai9 years ago
Well re the viscosity of the ink, the problem is that the ink in ballpoint pens is as you know, very thick. The only ink I have access to is the bottled type that people put in old fashioned pens with a nib. I suppose what I need is someone to tell me how to thicken ink to the same consistency as ink found in ballpoint pens.
Do what kiteman said or add cornstarch to the ink to thicken it a little, with the cornstarch a little goes a long way...
Hmmm, arrowroot might work better, as cornstarch may clog the point...
Aye or even just thicken it with heat, gently heat for a few minutes to drive off water...
Depending on the brand, I would be careful with that...a lot of our ball points do not have water soluble ink, so assuming a solvent of some sort, one would have to stress "gently heat"; or expect to create a small torch or candle out of it :-)
That sounds fun to try, in a well-ventilated, non-flammable environment.
Ink is, if it burns at all in that narrow tube, quite a slow burn :-)
But if you take it out of the tube...?
still, if one wishes to thicken it, but rather ignites it......well :-)
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