Balsa wood

Is there a way to make balsa wood stronger? I was thinking I could put a layer of wood glue on it and let it soak in but I wanted to know what you all think.

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the best way seems to be encasing it in steel plates. Try karate chopping that!
Does that not at the same time defeat the entire object of balsa wood?
"Object of balsa wood" What a weird way of saying "balsa wood." Yes, steel>balsa wood. Encasing balsa in steel would make it steel-like...which is the entire purpose of the topic. Now if you had said the purpose of balsa wood..that would be an entirely different story ;)
Fine I'll correct that:

Does that not at the same time defeat the entire object of using balsa wood?
It might =]
*Attaches steel plates to wings of R/C aeroplane* *Attempts to fly* *R/C Plane crashes into a wall* *Screams "DAMN YOU MICAH"* *Sues*
*picks up your plane* *bends nose back to normal* *tapes rocket engine to plane* *Grabs controller* *Flies in to all other planes...destroys them* *lands gracefully* *leaves*
*Begins standing ovation for Weiiensteinburg managing to land a big lump of steel under no power*
No power? I taped a K model rocket engine onto that plane.
I was working on the assumption that the rocket engine burned out before landing.
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