Ban the posting of Instructables that use of dead animals or parts thereof

As one who respects all life, and who is sickened and repulsed by the "Instructables" which attempt to use dead animals or parts of them as some kind of demented joke, I propose that should ban the posting of articles dealing with or including dead animals or parts thereof. (And before anyone asks... Yes, I've been a vegetarian for 30 years. No, I don't wear leather or fur or other animal parts. No, I'm not a "wuss" - I just feel that the use or exploitation of living things or formerly living things without their consent is immoral.) eBay seems to have survived just fine with their policy of restricting the sale of animal products to a very specific list; I think Instructables should take the moral high-road and institute an outright ban on the use of animals in posts.

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Goodhart9 years ago
There is nothing wrong with having a personal opinion, but asking for the "banning" of any information of use is how the Soviet Union was born. It is not how the free world operates however. I despise most novels, but I don't ask for them to be removed from the shelves of bookstores..."Fahrenheit 451" all over again only not just with books, but with all displeasing information of any kind? That is NOT the world I want ot live in. Sorry. Even if I agreed with you about the treatment of dead animals, I would not want to ban the information.
:P You tell him Goodhart.
Big Bwana9 years ago
Culturedropout, So where do you draw the line on "animals or parts thereof" would an instrucable showing you how to clean fine china be wrong ?? after all some fine bone china is upto 50 % dead animal or animal parts, What if I was to do one on how to fix a coleman stove ? would it to need banning because the stove used a leather cup in the fuel tank ?? And are you going to ban all the ones on driving because the master cylinder in the braking system may also contains leather parts, yea it's not just used for the seats?? (( Ok only skunkbait drives trucks with no brakes and I'm sure he can warn you of the danger of driving with no brakes <>)) And I don't see instructables on how to club baby seals, or one on how to make hamburgers by tossing a live cow into a tree chipper.... And I'm not calling you a wuss, but your should look at some the wussy acts like the product labeling acts, before shooting down instructables, and even before you say or think your a vegetarian, some products like rolaids are made from shrimp shells, nice if you have an allergy to shrimps no where does it say on the package made from ground up animals, but it does say it's got calcium, but so do shrimp shells... Hundreds of products don't actually list off there full ingredient's... Soap is another interesting product some say Tallow other say rendered fat, other say Oil, most say nothing, but which is the one for a true vegetarian to use..... Maybe you could do an instrucatable on how to be a vegetarian, and this would allow people to have a little more insight into the world of a vegetarian.....
I would like to read or contribute to such instructable :)
110100101109 years ago
To the original question I am too against any animal exploitation - for food / testing / clothes / instructables. I am a veggie teen myself But banning such things on instructables wont hit the target and will do damage - like any kind of censorship. I am against banning this explicitly The way to go is change the attitude of people. Show them in fact that animals are not for us to exploit and that we can be happy without exploiting them Now lets think together - Is the mouse mouse or the fur jacket products of animal exploitation ? Yes. Is it needed or moral ? The question is global - Its not just about the instructables website Please stick to the point of overall animal exploitation. The use of animals for food is another question (my answer to it is No as well) and has its extra issues which are not related to the topic here
im not asking that people berate me here, but i do not think it is right to attempt to restrict the information on this site for a reason such as this. if you think back, humans have been using "dead animals or parts of them as some kind of demented joke" for thousands of years. think of the native americans. they for how many years, had used the feathers of dead birds for decoration and inking, or the bones and skins of dead deer and bear? what about the native Alaskans? they were known to use the bones of whales washed on the beach as hunting tools. im not sure, but killing one animal with another animals parts seem a little "iffy" to me. i would be in complete agreement with you if the subject were still living animals, but it isnt. the subject is "dead animals or parts".

on another note, which i apologize if seems rude, this is just selfish on the groups part. if you were to take all the members of this group, nay, all the instructables users who feel this way, versus all instructables users, you would see this group is in a great minority. this site isnt here to promote moral beliefs and arguments, it is here to share knowledge with others. as ledzep567 said "you dont like it, dont click the link."
People have owned slaves "for thousands of years" too. That doesn't mean that it was ever right, nor that it's okay to keep doing it. This has been done to death, and I had left it alone. I'm not sure what got the posts on this topic started again. I'm not sure which "group" you're referring to as being selfish; I represent only myself. That being said, I'm sure I'm not alone, and in any event, I'm not the type of person who cares much about what the majority thinks. If I see something I think is wrong, I'll challenge it. I'm sure there's some clever analogy involving lemmings or sheep or something on this subject. With regard to "promoting moral beliefs" I'd have to argue that you can't separate actions in one place or context from the rest of your life. Either you believe something and follow it consistently, or you don't really believe it. The site is great, and I enjoy it quite a bit. My intent in starting this discussion was to at least raise the awareness of the subject, and I think that's been accomplished. What people choose to do with that awareness is up to them.
I'm sure I'm not alone

Have you actually read the rest of this thread?
Culturedropout (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
I meant in terms of the human race. As far as I know, not all of them read/post to this site...
But a representative sample does.
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