Barbie Centaur Robot

There's not too much info available about this crazy toy creation, but it certainly involves Barbie and it's definitely awesome. Just goes to show that any toy can be considered raw materials for something even better. Check out the maker's Flickr stream for even more cool stuff.

Mario Caicedo Langer's photostream

Picture of Barbie Centaur Robot
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Me encanta, muy original
ilikepie=)7 years ago
Lmfao i love that doll i have a polly pocket that i stole from my sistah and turned it intoa cyborg w/ guns for hands
and i thought i messed my sister's dolls up.
wow amazing but she gots no shirt(well lest in the pic the cannon is cover it)
does the thought of a barbie doll's naked breasts offend you?
not me but other might
kelseymh8 years ago
Whoa. Wild Wild West meets Toy Story. I especially like the gore streaming from Barbie's rapacious maw...
I'm liking the use of words... People always tell me off for using more obscure words...
Perhaps you should go to a secondhand bookshop and buy a few old paperback thesauri. You could hand them out to the ignorant proles :-)
Actually the answer comes in the queerest form, the iPhone. An app called dictionaire, which is honestly excellent, you type the starting letters of words and it shows them all, narrowing down as you type. It's a fast way to find new words...

my favourite find is certainly baccic, as in bacchanal.
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