Barbie Electric Chair, Chaos Machine, Build a Pizza Oven...

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Sept. 6, 2007
Welcome back!

We're seeing a few of the robots coming in from the
iRobot Challenge this week as well as a variety of other cool projects. Check them out!
How to Weld - MIG Welding
A basic guide to the awesome process of using electricity to melt and join pieces of metal together.
posted by noahw on Sep 5, 2007
PosterBot: Make a Marker-Writing Robot
I always got marked down for posters that weren't "neat" enough. Like any nerd, I figured "If I can't do it, I'll make a robot to do it for me."
posted by W_world on Sep 5, 2007
How to make Gingerbread Pumpkin Whoopie Pies
Make a treat kids love in under 20 minutes.
posted by DMR301 on Sep 5, 2007
Put an iPod Nike+ sensor in any running shoe in one minute for 5 cents
Avoid buying specialized Nike+ shoes with this simple hack.
posted by fungus amungus on Sep 4, 2007
How to build a Pizza Oven
Create a functional piece of art for your backyard and start cooking.
posted by t.rohner on Sep 2, 2007

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Barbie Doll Electric Chair Science Fair Project!
This is a science fair project that I did in middle school and completely disgusted the entire female staff of Benton Middle.
posted by jessyratfink on Sep 2, 2007
The Chaos Machine (Double Pendulum)
Every physics department needs a double pendulum, so here's how to build one.
posted by Luke Luck on Aug 31, 2007
Baby Space Invader Hat
Let your little one go retro with this gaming-inspired knitting pattern.
posted by tracy_the_astonishing on Sep 5, 2007
Golf Ball Gun!!! How To Make One That Can Shoot 400+ yards!
Learn about pistons and pneumatics while firing golf balls through plywood.
posted by MrCrowley on Sep 2, 2007
ServerBot - for serving food and drinks
Create a robot that's helpful, entertaining, whimsical AND simply amazing.
posted by JoeCreate on Aug 31, 2007
Now go build something awesome, and I'll see you next week!