I soon, i am going to make my Extrem shotgun, But this gun will probally use a barrel That is made of connectors (kinda like all the pistols). So i wanted to ask everyone What are the pros and cons of a connector barrel vs. the tanclip barrel like in my Extrem.

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knexfreak959 years ago
ik u want power use cut pices
cut pieces in halfes for a powerful barrel use the pieces like in the morretti sniper look at the barrel
Der Bradly (author)  knexfreak959 years ago
How does that help?
pls Der Bradly9 years ago
Ya, i find cut pieces VERY helpful, i used it on my sniper down below
Dutchj9 years ago
Connector barrels are harder to work with, but when applied correctly have superior performance to tan clip barrels.
pls Dutchj9 years ago
like this?
Der Bradly (author)  Dutchj9 years ago
Like what advantages?
I find they have more power and jam less often (bbwkg2 is a great example, got to remake that today)
Dutchj benfoxg9 years ago
If the firing pin is ligned up correctly with the top, then it won't jam. Though I personally haven't had much trouble making tan barrels work. Connector barrels nearly always have more power.
there wider, not by much, but are wider, making a lot less friction.
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