Bartboys Barrage of Sniper Rifles.

I have made 5 different sniper rifles, and one rifle that uses less pieces, and is ready to add an electric remote control thingy. They all have good rage and power. Please vote on Favourite.

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sorry but all those guns are ugly
Bartboy (author)  erikos kostarikos8 years ago
I must agree..... Except the dual barrel one, it's pretty cool. And the one with the strap has a real stock now....
Looking back, I realize how much you actually liked my first posted gun.
Sorry but all those guns were made 9 months ago.
benfoxg9 years ago
my sniper...
Photo 66.jpg
barrel is way too long........
if it was shorter it wont get 350+ feet of range...
POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH THE EXTREMELY LONG BARREL!
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