Basic Assault Weapon *updated with inside pictures for building*

Maybe some of you saw my video on youtube. I decided I'd mod the gun a little and maybe think about posting it if you guys think it's post-worthy. And by post-worthy I mean would you build it? Anyways on to the details.
This is a basic weapon that is mostly compact and pretty reliable. There are no big special features other than the magazine which is obviously removable and has an internal pusher, a roof, and it can be top loaded. With a quick change of pieces you could technically top load the magazine while it is in the gun though it may be a little tricky. The magazines slide right in and should stay put. I shaked it my hardest and it wouldn't fall out. Removing it is pretty simple. You just need to pop both sides individually.
As you can see I ran low on pieces so I just used red rods for the stock. You can store an extra magazine in it like in the picture. Of course I put in a pin guide. The handle is average. I wasn't too concerned with it as people can mod it freely. The trigger was made to block farther back so that the gun wouldn't have to be a unit longer to get max power. Ranges with the rubber bands placed as shown were about 9 meters or 27 feet with the mag full. I suspect increased ranges as the magazine empties. It doesn't have a turret, bolt, or shells so I don't know if you consider that good enough or not.

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Where's the trigger? O.o

Oh, NVM. It's a big pushbutton sort of thing on the outside of the handle loop thingy, cool! Wait, is it? I answered my own question :P

TheDunkis (author)  The Crystal Railgun1 year ago

Yeah, I suppose it's not readily obvious. K'nex guns can have all sorts of weird and goofy triggers because there really aren't any pieces that really emulate a real trigger well.

Also, just FYI, I don't mind at all because I'm still active and enjoy helping people with my things, but in general you should probably pay attention to when things were posted and when the last comment was (like 4 years ago in this topic's case). Otherwise you'll tend to revive dead topics and likely no one else is going to respond to you since they've long since moved on, sadly. But otherwise it's cool to see someone else getting into K'nex weapons. Good luck and enjoy!

TheDunkis (author) 8 years ago
Would someone be willing to post this for me? PM if you can.
travw TheDunkis8 years ago
Boom. Posted.

Well done, @travw. (I never understood how people could make instructions out of pics... :P) Crank up the brightness and resolution a bit, tho. 5* and subscribe to both @TheDunkis and @travw, nice job!

travw DJ Radio8 years ago
Already taken care of.
brocken pices?
TheDunkis (author)  Element Force5 years ago
Not any that I remembered, but I tend to add any naturally broken pieces I have in where possible, though they aren't usually required.
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