Basic LED Circuit?

I brought 5 RGB LED's just now on the interweb, but I have no clue about circuits all I know is theirs parallel circuits which I will be using and I have a power source of 2 AA batteries. Sorry for such a newbish question, any links to and learning articles would be greatly appreciated.

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Antexter (author) 9 years ago
Know what annoys me now is, the led's are only green and red, what the hell does it mean when you buy rainbow RAINBOW led's? all the colours in the rainbow?
Antexter (author) 9 years ago
thanks, can I ask is their is a reason to choose 9v over 3AAA? And would it make a difference using 3AA over 3AAA? I'm such a newbie :D.
well, 9 volts smaller and easier to kook up the terminals, but 3 AAA's will actually last longer. only difference between AA's and AAA's is that AA will last about 2 times longer.
Antexter (author)  guyfrom7up9 years ago
So is it possible at all to not use another aa battery? like could i stick a capacitor in or something to make up for the aa battery? and do i need 5 resistors as i have 5 led's, or can i just stick one in the circuit?
...and 3AA's are only 4.5V, wheras a 9V is 9 ;-) a 9V might be a bit overkill for parallel, but its wayy under for series :P
I hate AAAs. Usually about 1/3 the capacity of AA at a higher price...
Antexter (author) 9 years ago
Are you saying a diode is a LED? :S So the resistors will I just be needing one as I have 5 led's? or would i need 5 like one for each?
Bran Antexter9 years ago
An LED is a type of diode; LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.

LEDs can emit visible light and IR (infrared) light.

There are other diodes that don't put out any light.
Goodhart9 years ago
Diodes, whether they be Light Emmitting Diodes or other types, are configured as shown here: Diode configuration.... as long as they just one Anode and on Cathode terminal.
guyfrom7up9 years ago
you can't really drive this led off of 2 AA, if you were to drive it of of: 3AAA: you need a 45 ohm (or close) resistor in series 9volt: you need a 270 ohm (or close) resistor in series
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